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Chocolate-Beet Cupcakes with Raw Cacao Glaze

For me, and many a parent, I suspect, cupcakes have become ubiquitous.  Birthday parties, class treats, play dates – they all call for a cupcake, portable, portioned for tiny hands and crowd-pleasing.  So, as the mom of two little boys, I make a lot of cupcakes.  And being the healthy hacker that I am, there […]

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Vegan Bourbon Butterscotch Pudding

Once a year on his birthday, my husband, born without a sweet tooth, wants dessert. But not just any dessert. He’s not a fan of chocolate (what??), so that rules out most anything I’d pick. He likes lemon, so we generally do some sort of not-sweet lemon cake. But what he really loves is butterscotch pudding.

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Whole-Grain Gingerbread Cookies

I grew up with a strong Christmas cookie tradition.  “Cookie Day” was a really big deal, planned months in advance.  We spent a full Saturday each season baking dozens and dozens of cookies with my wonderful Martha Stewart-esque aunt, who would prepare as many as eight different batches of dough in advance so that my sister and I […]

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Raw Peanut Butter-Oat Bars with Chocolate Ganache

I have hundreds of cookbooks. Literally. I’m sort of addicted. Can’t stop buying new ones. I read them cover to cover, like a novel, before bed usually. I plaster them with sticky notes, tagging recipes, plotting out a meal agenda for the coming week, month, year. I know, total food nerd, right? The funny thing is, I almost never follow a recipe exactly.

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Strawberry-Amaretti Crumble

I can’t get enough of ripe, juicy strawberries when they are in season. We mostly devour them straight up, with breakfast. But we were having a few friends over for dinner recently, and I wanted to showcase the first beautiful strawberries of the season in a dessert. Preferably one that went with a bottle of dessert wine.

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Raw Chocolate Sandwich Cookies

I was never much of a baker before I had kids. I don’t have a huge sweet tooth myself, and I find the precise, unforgiving nature of baking a bit daunting – I’m an intuitive, free-form cook, and following directions is not my strong suit. But somehow I’ve created a cookie monster in my 4-year old son, and the beast must be fed…

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