Tortilla Chicken Soup with Kale

Tortilla Chicken Soup with Kale

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Drink: A fruit-forward, exotic white like this organic, no-added so2 Bichi Dry Muscat from Tecate, Mexico

This rich, rustic tortilla soup with warm, smokey spice nourishes the body and soul.  And it seems just right for these late season warm days that  turn into brisk nights, as summer fades into fall.  I love all the different textures – chunks of chicken, earthy kale, soft avocado and crunchy homemade tortilla strips.  And let’s be honest – my boys love the opportunity to eat tortilla strips for dinner – the soup is basically the carrier for the chips, in their mind.  This my take on Rick Bayless’s classic tortilla soup recipe, which I’ve bulked up with extra veggies.  Sometimes I include the chicken, sometimes not.  It’s equally satisfying with baked tofu and sweet potato chunks.  But please take the time to make your own tortilla strips – homemade ones are easy to make, infinitely tastier, and much healthier.

Tortilla Chicken Soup with Kale

This recipe, my take on a classic from Rick Bayless (the master of all things Mexican), can be as quick or as slow as you want.  For dinner on the table in 30 ...

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