Flower and Berry Beauty Cocktail

Flower and Berry Beauty Cocktail

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Full disclosure: I am obsessed with all things Moon Juice, a Venice, CA juice/lifestyle brand based on medicinal herbs, whole foods and the soothing cosmic wisdom of fabulous founder Amanda Chantal Bacon.  The whole package is right up my nouveau-hippie alley. Expensive, yes, but can one really put a price on optimal health or eternal beauty? Priceless I say!  So of course I pre-ordered the Moon Juice Cookbook and read it cover-to-cover the night it arrived, lulled to sleep by visions of magic dust and Deep Chocolate Moon Milk.

I’m not into cocktails as a rule, much preferring a good glass of bubbly or wine.  But around the holidays, I love the idea of a pretty pink tipple, especially one that is low in alcohol and contains hydrating, nourishing ingredients instead of just sugar and alcohol.  Detox as you retox, right?  This recipe simply mixes the tart and refreshing Hibiscus/Goji berry tea from the Moon Juice Cookbook with a splash of the Sakara Life Beauty Cocktail Mix or agave, and sparkling wine (or water).  So rather than a nutrient-void mixer, here you’re getting the benefits of goji, the longevity fruit (known to protect against DNA damage and encourage the body’s production of HGH, a hormone that promotes youthful appearance and the fast healing abilities that decline with age) – plus those of hibiscus (high in Vitamin C and antioxidents, tones down heat in the system and flushes the kidneys, helping reduce inflammation and puffiness.)  The beautifying Schisandra berry, said to bring suppleness to the skin and shine to the hair while also supporting liver function and counter stress, is the icing on the cake.

Play the alchemist and brew up some of tea before your next holiday get-together, then mix up a storm. Your guests (and your head) will thank you, both for the delicious welcome and the fog-free morning to follow.

Flower and Berry Beauty Cocktail

A tart and refreshing aperitivo incorporating the potent Petal and Berry Tonic from Amanda Chantal Bacon’s gorgeous Moon Juice Cookbook and the exotic rose and silica-based Beauty Water Cocktail Mix from ...

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