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Chocolate-Beet Cupcakes with Raw Cacao Glaze

For me, and many a parent, I suspect, cupcakes have become ubiquitous.  Birthday parties, class treats, play dates – they all call for a cupcake, portable, portioned for tiny hands and crowd-pleasing.  So, as the mom of two little boys, I make a lot of cupcakes.  And being the healthy hacker that I am, there […]

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Chunky Monkey Muffins

This recipe for chocolatey-banana muffins is adapted from a great pregnancy nutrition book called Feed the Belly.  I made them dozens of times during my two pregnancies, tinkering with the recipe as I went.  They’re a great snack for mamas-to-be, as they’re high in fiber, protein and omega-3s, and they got me through many a serious […]

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Whole-Grain Gingerbread Cookies

I grew up with a strong Christmas cookie tradition.  “Cookie Day” was a really big deal, planned months in advance.  We spent a full Saturday each season baking dozens and dozens of cookies with my wonderful Martha Stewart-esque aunt, who would prepare as many as eight different batches of dough in advance so that my sister and I […]

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Avocado Hummus

I love hummus and always try to have a batch of my homemade version, the classic with a twist – fresh turmeric – on hand. (Will post this recipe soon, as it’s a crowd- and kid-pleaser!) This is a richer, fancier version, inspired by a dish we had recently at Farmshop in Larkspur Here, avocados and yogurt are blended in to replace some of the tahini, and the lovely green dip is made even greener…

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Raw Peanut Butter-Oat Bars with Chocolate Ganache

I have hundreds of cookbooks. Literally. I’m sort of addicted. Can’t stop buying new ones. I read them cover to cover, like a novel, before bed usually. I plaster them with sticky notes, tagging recipes, plotting out a meal agenda for the coming week, month, year. I know, total food nerd, right? The funny thing is, I almost never follow a recipe exactly.

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Superfood Sunflower Muffins

Little boys need snacks. Constantly. Ones that can travel, fit in pudgy little hands and go straight to hungry mouths without requiring adult assistance or refrigeration. They also must be healthy, with nutritionally-dense, whole-food ingredients. Oh, and bonus points for being nut-free…

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