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Mushroom Bolognese with Kale

I love winter, and the excuse to hunker down and get cozy.  Put on a wooly sweater, some fluffy socks and break out the red wine.  But pairing red wines with the food we normally eat – fish, veggies, salads – can be challenging.  So this recipe, which relies on the earthy, umami-ness of mushrooms and miso and a long, slow cook for depth and complexity, has become a cold weather staple.  It’s rich and satisfying, and I might venture to say, even better than the meaty original. 

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Farro Risotto with Arugula, Blood Orange & Walnuts

There was a glut of arugula. Somehow when I signed up for the extra 5lb bag of wild arugula with my Mariquita Farms CSA box, I didn’t understand what exactly 5lbs of arugula looked like. It’s a huge pile of arugula. And it doesn’t last forever, like, say, the 15 lbs of extra carrots I took on a few months ago. So I had to move fast to use it up before the slime set in.

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