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Drink Pink (and Clean!) Your New Summer Rosés

Those lovely, inexpensive summer rosés that go down like water?  Most are industrial products, with conventional farming, high sulfur levels and who knows what else. Not these.  Super clean, from smaller, family-owned estates or even smaller mom & pop shops.  They’re all practicing (or certified) organic, with a few taking it one step further to biodynamics, […]

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Succés Vinícola Experiència Parellada

One of my favorite styles of wine is the light, zesty, low-alcohol white, commonly hailing from coastal Portugal, Italy or Spain.  I’ve taken to calling this delightful category “Delicious Water”.  Clocking in at less than 12% alcohol, DW wines are super food-friendly but are also amazing without food.  In the park. On a sunny day.  So refreshing.  Yum… This old-vine […]

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