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Drink Pink (and Clean!) Your New Summer Rosés

Those lovely, inexpensive summer rosés that go down like water?  Most are industrial products, with conventional farming, high sulfur levels and who knows what else. Not these.  Super clean, from smaller, family-owned estates or even smaller mom & pop shops.  They’re all practicing (or certified) organic, with a few taking it one step further to biodynamics, […]

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Jetset Guide to the Amalfi Coast & Rome

Originally written in 2008 for a luxury travel blog, this is a partial recap of my honeymoon in Southern Italy that summer. Please forgive the posh tone – it was geared towards a pre-economic crash jet setting audience. I’m posting it now, with a few updates, because, after emailing it around for years to countless friends and friends of friends traveling to Rome or the Amalfi Coast, I realize that honest travel insight filtered through a food, wine and style-focused lens is valued by some. And hopefully inspiring for others.

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Querceto di Castellina Chianti Classico L’aura

This is classic, clean Chianti from a small family producer near Panzano in Chianti. I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know the proprietor, Jacopo di Battista, over the past two years, and stay with them for a few days last summer. His family has farmed the small hilltop estate organically since inception in 1998, and has been certified since 2012. They’re equally low-intervention in the cellar…

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Biondi Etna Bianco ‘Outis’

The popularity of wines from Mount Etna, the very active volcano in Sicily’s north-eastern corner, has exploded in the last few years. It is now one of the Italy’s hottest wine regions, and the darling of sommeliers around the world, for good reason.  The volcanic soils, high altitudes and pre-phylloxera vineyards create wines of intense minerality, pure, bright fruit, and lightness of […]

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