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Flower and Berry Beauty Cocktail

Full disclosure: I am obsessed with all things Moon Juice, a Venice, CA juice/lifestyle brand based on medicinal herbs, whole foods and the soothing cosmic wisdom of fabulous founder Amanda Chantal Bacon.  The whole package is right up my nouveau-hippie alley. Expensive, yes, but can one really put a price on optimal health or eternal beauty? Priceless I say!  So […]

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Cranberry-Orange Smoothie

Fresh cranberries are everywhere this time of year, and I love their sweet-tart punch.  Plus, they’re a potent antioxidant and pack a ton of Vitamin C and fiber.  But what does one really do with them, besides make a cranberry sauce or relish for Thanksgiving (one that looks pretty, but no one really eats, that […]

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Apple Pie Smoothie

Apple picking has been a tradition in my family for as long as I can remember.  My auntie used to take us every year when we were kids, to the orchards of Oak Glen or Tehachapi, in Southern California.  We’d come home with bushels of apples, and she’d go into apple processing overdrive.  Apple butter, apple […]

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Superfood Sunflower Muffins

Little boys need snacks. Constantly. Ones that can travel, fit in pudgy little hands and go straight to hungry mouths without requiring adult assistance or refrigeration. They also must be healthy, with nutritionally-dense, whole-food ingredients. Oh, and bonus points for being nut-free…

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