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Flower and Berry Beauty Cocktail

Full disclosure: I am obsessed with all things Moon Juice, a Venice, CA juice/lifestyle brand based on medicinal herbs, whole foods and the soothing cosmic wisdom of fabulous founder Amanda Chantal Bacon.  The whole package is right up my nouveau-hippie alley. Expensive, yes, but can one really put a price on optimal health or eternal beauty? Priceless I say!  So […]

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Cranberry-Orange Smoothie

Fresh cranberries are everywhere this time of year, and I love their sweet-tart punch.  Plus, they’re a potent antioxidant and pack a ton of Vitamin C and fiber.  But what does one really do with them, besides make a cranberry sauce or relish for Thanksgiving (one that looks pretty, but no one really eats, that […]

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Peach-Basil Smoothie

The end of summer is technically right around the corner, yet the farmer’s markets in San Francisco are still bursting with peak summer produce.  We seem to get everything late, including summer – we’re just now finally getting the streaks of warm weather, without the daily fog invasion.  September is the month we look forward […]

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Quick Hemp Milk

We don’t do cow’s milk in my house.  Which is sort of sacrilegious, considering that my grandparents and great-grandparents were dairy farmers, and my mom literally grew up on a dairy farm.  But it just doesn’t sit well with my tummy, so I started experimenting with alternate milks years ago.  Soy grossed me out, and the early […]

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Raw Peanut Butter-Oat Bars with Chocolate Ganache

I have hundreds of cookbooks. Literally. I’m sort of addicted. Can’t stop buying new ones. I read them cover to cover, like a novel, before bed usually. I plaster them with sticky notes, tagging recipes, plotting out a meal agenda for the coming week, month, year. I know, total food nerd, right? The funny thing is, I almost never follow a recipe exactly.

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Raw Chocolate Sandwich Cookies

I was never much of a baker before I had kids. I don’t have a huge sweet tooth myself, and I find the precise, unforgiving nature of baking a bit daunting – I’m an intuitive, free-form cook, and following directions is not my strong suit. But somehow I’ve created a cookie monster in my 4-year old son, and the beast must be fed…

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