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Flower and Berry Beauty Cocktail

Full disclosure: I am obsessed with all things Moon Juice, a Venice, CA juice/lifestyle brand based on medicinal herbs, whole foods and the soothing cosmic wisdom of fabulous founder Amanda Chantal Bacon.  The whole package is right up my nouveau-hippie alley. Expensive, yes, but can one really put a price on optimal health or eternal beauty? Priceless I say!  So […]

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Chocolate-Beet Cupcakes with Raw Cacao Glaze

For me, and many a parent, I suspect, cupcakes have become ubiquitous.  Birthday parties, class treats, play dates – they all call for a cupcake, portable, portioned for tiny hands and crowd-pleasing.  So, as the mom of two little boys, I make a lot of cupcakes.  And being the healthy hacker that I am, there […]

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Turkey Meatballs

Everybody needs a killer go-to dish that they can whip out, practically from memory, for guests or special occasions. One that pleases just about everyone, and doesn’t stress out the host. Preferably one that can be assembled ahead of time. For me, this is the dish, my “famous” turkey meatballs. Famous because I’ve made them so many times, at one point or other for every single person who has joined us for dinner, and are always a hit.

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