Spiced Cold-Brew Coffee

Spiced Cold-Brew Coffee

I have an on-and-off again relationship with coffee.  I love the smell of it, and the idea of it, and how well it serves as a vehicle for my favorite accoutrement, like nut milks, cinnamon, and chocolate. But I’d almost given up on coffee – the acid is rough on my gut – until I discovered cold brew, which is less acidic than the normal cuppa joe.  Heat causes the volatile oils in coffee grounds to oxidize and degrade, releasing acid and bitter notes, while steeping ground beans gently in cold water producers a smoother, sweeter, more nuanced brew.  And I swear it’s a cleaner caffeine buzz.

Moon Juice Shop in Venice Beach, CA makes a heavenly cold brew-coconut concoction that inspired me to experiment at home.  I started by buying an array of the beautiful, local, artisanal brands lining the store shelves.  They’re delicious mixed with all sorts of goodies, creating a frothy concoction better – and way better for you – than any sugary pre-packaged coffee drink.  But at $6/16 oz, this was becoming a habit as expensive as the Starbucks latte per day.  Turns out, it is ridiculously easy to make, requires no fancy equipment, and is cheap cheap cheap.  You basically grind some beans, along with some spices if you like, as I do, and let it steep overnight in a pitcher with water.  Strain, and you’ve got your own week’s supply (or more) of cold brew concentrate.

Yes, it’s the middle of winter and we’re talking cold coffee.  A bit unconventional, I know, but the winter spices make it seasonally appropriate.  You can also gently warm it in a small pan on the stove and enjoy it like regular coffee.  I like mine iced or room temp, depending on the weather, blitzed in the blender with almond, hemp or coconut milk, a little raw cacao,  a knob of coconut butter and Reishi mushroom powder.  By packing in some superfood magic, you can actually call this morning decadence healthy. Win-win!

Spiced Cold-Brew Coffee

Making the cold brew concentrate couldn’t be easier.  What you do with it after is up to you – drink it straight up, over cold brew ice cubes, gently heat and add ...

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2 Responses to Spiced Cold-Brew Coffee

  1. Catherine Okereke January 8, 2016 at 2:41 pm #

    This is a totally fantastic combo. I am a recent fan of Reishi mushroom powder and it goes so well in coffee with the spices. I’m such a fan of the hemp milk, too.

    Thanks for another great recipe Melissa!



    • Melissa Gisler January 8, 2016 at 3:20 pm #

      Thanks Catherine! The reishi is great because it’s totally undetectable. Sneaky superfood!

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